Recipe #50  

Sourdough Cracked Wheat Bread

Cracked wheat gives this hearty bread a nutty flavor and slightly crunchy texture. Look for cracked wheat in the cereal or rice section of the supermarket.
1-POUND LOAF     INGREDIENTS                        1-1/2-POUND LOAF
3/4 cup Sourdough Starter 1-1/4 cups
1/3 cup water 1/2 cup
1 tablespoon butter or margarine 1 tablespoon
3/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon
2 cups bread flour 3 cups
1/4 cup cracked wheat bulghur 1/3 cup
2 teaspoons sugar 1 tablespoon
1-1/2 teaspoons Fleischmann's® Bread Machine Yeast 2 teaspoons

Use the 1-pound recipe if your machine pan holds 10 cups or less of water. Add ingredients to bread machine pan in order suggested by manufacturer, adding cracked wheat with the flour. (If dough is too dry or stiff or too soft or slack, adjust dough consistency - see Adjusting Dough Consistency tip below.)

Recommended cycle: Basic/white bread cycle; medium/normal color setting. Timed-bake feature can be used.

Adjusting Dough Consistency: After mixing for a few minutes, the ingredients should turn into a smooth ball around the kneading blade. If the dough appears too stiff or too soft, add more liquid or flour in 1 teaspoon increments, until the proper consistency is reached. Do not add more than 3 to 4 teaspoons liquid or flour. The machine can not compensate for wide variations and may not bake the larger amount of dough thoroughly.

Nutritional Information:
Per Serving:
Serving size: 1 slice  (1/12 of 1 1/2-lb. recipe)
calories 188; total fat 2g; saturated fat 1g; cholesterol 3mg; sodium 208mg; total carbohydrate 36g; dietary fiber 2g; protein 6g.