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Knead to Know
The Newsletter from Fleischmann's Yeast - January 2010
From Our Kitchens
January is a month of looking forward to exciting possibilities as well as reflecting on the past. So, we took a look back at 2009 and found both the recipes you requested most often and your top baking questions – fun kitchen facts for a new year.

In this Knead to Know, we'll share and review the top 5 recipes most searched for on BreadWorld.com in the past year. Also, you may have received new baking or appliance gifts over the holidays. You'll find our tips for putting them to good use. Finally, any idea what question you ask us most often? We'll tell you – along with the answer, of course.

Happy baking in 2010!
Diane & Nancy
Diane and Nancy
Fleischmann's Test Kitchens
Baking Know-How...
Tips & Techniques
Were baking-related gifts on your holiday wish list? Here are a few tips for using these kitchen favorites:

Mixer, flat paddle or beaters, dough hook – when making bread, use the beaters or flat paddle to combine all ingredients, including liquid; then switch to the dough hook for easy kneading

Baking or Pizza Stone – place it in a cold oven on the lowest rack and preheat for 30 to 45 minutes before using; to watch a short video with tips on using pizza stones, click here

Bread Machine – closely follow the manufacturer's instructions, especially when adding ingredients; remember, Bread Machine, RapidRise and Instant Yeast are all the same and may be used in your machine

Kitchen Scale – weigh dough and batter for evenly-sized rolls, cake layers and bread loaves

Silicone Bread Pans – place a baking sheet beneath these for stability
Top Question of 2009
Fleischmann's RapidRise and ActiveDry Yeast
Can I interchangeably use RapidRise and Active Dry Yeast in my recipes?

(also called Instant and Bread Machine Yeast) may be substituted for Active Dry Yeast in recipes. First, add the yeast to dry ingredients; then add recipe liquids and fat that have been heated to 120° to 130°F.

However, it's not recommended to substitute Active Dry for RapidRise Yeast, because it works best if first dissolved in warm (100° to 110°F) water and then added to recipe ingredients.

For an easy-to-understand comparison of RapidRise and Active Dry Yeast, click here.
Top 5 Recipes of 2009
Beginner's Top-Choice White BreadBeginner's Top-Choice White Bread

This beginner's favorite includes instructions for using either RapidRise or Active Dry Yeast. Want to add whole grain health to your loaves? Substitute two cups of whole wheat flour for part of the all-purpose flour. Simple homemade goodness. No wonder it's a favorite!

Click here.
Master Pizza DoughMaster Pizza Dough

The perfect base for building a delicious pizza, this simple crust only requires six ingredients. Click here to watch a quick video demonstrating how to make the crust. Sauce your pizza with olive oil, pesto, Alfredo, barbeque or red sauce. For easy, signature red sauce recipes, click here. To make the crust in your bread machine, click here for directions.

Click here for recipe.
100% Whole Wheat Bread100% Whole Wheat Bread

Have you resolved to eat more whole grains? Try using this all whole wheat bread to make better-for-you French toast, grilled cheese or other favorite sandwiches, salad croutons and bread pudding. For the bread machine recipe version, click here.

Click here for conventional recipe.

Caramel Pecan RollsCaramel Pecan Rolls

It's no surprise that these ooey gooey rolls are a top 5 recipe favorite. They're filled with cinnamon and chopped pecans on the inside and sweet, sticky caramel and whole pecans on the outside. Consider baking ahead, freezing – tightly wrapped – and warming before serving. Homemade never tasted better!

Click here.
Dinner RollsDinner Rolls

Seven rolls. One recipe. Bake knots, crescents, lucky clovers, pan rolls and other shapes from this basic recipe. All the instructions you need are provided. Transform everyday meals into special occasions by serving these!

Click here.
Prize Winners
You're automatically eligible to win fun baking prizes just for subscribing to our newsletter. This month's winners are:

Gopa Mondal of Plano, TX
(Pyrex® Grip Rite 5 Piece Set)

Larry Nutter of Oak Hill, WV
(Pyrex® Grip Rite 4 Piece Set)

Valerie Montoya of Plattsmouth, NE
(Pyrex® 10 Piece Storage Set)

Joan Newton of Calimesa, CA
(Pyrex® 8 Piece Mixing Bowl Set)